Canada: A man wins the Lotto twice within three weeks of each other

Luck fell on him twice in a row. A Canadian has won the lottery twice, about three weeks apart, reports CTV News media, Friday, January 27. After winning 180,000 Canadian dollars (124,500 euros) in Lotto Max on December 28, Ryaan Othman, a resident of Brampton, near Toronto (Ontario), found the seven numbers of the ENCORE game, in the exact order of the draw Lotto Max from January 17. Amount of the prize: 1 million Canadian dollars (691,000 euros).

“Lotto Max is my favorite game. I don’t always add Encore, but I changed my mind and added it to my ticket at the last minute”Ryaan Othman told CTV News as he collected his winnings at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto. “I checked my ticket on the OLG app and my jaw dropped”he continued. I was speechless for at least three minutes. I knew the chances of that happening were slim, but to have it happen twice is out of the ordinary!”

In total, Ryaan Othman won 1,180,000 Canadian dollars, or 815,500 euros. With his lottery winnings, he says he plans to invest and travel. “I feel like I’m on top of the world”he added.

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