Can there be a long code even after vaccination?

Even after being vaccinated against COD-19, the disease is still being investigated, but now new data has emerged on long-coded vaccinated people.

According to the international website, people who use 2 doses of the code vaccine are 49% less likely to develop long code if they experience code 19.

For the Kings College London study, experts analyzed data from the UK’s Zoe Code Symposium Study App, collected from 8 December 2020 to 4 July 2021.

This was the data of millions of people out of which 1.24 million people used one dose of vaccine while 971,504 people used two doses.

Experts compared various factors, including age, physical or mental degradation, and others with post-vaccination disease.

The study found that even if someone unfortunately gets cod after two doses of the vaccine, the risk of long-term symptoms is 49% lower than in patients who have not been vaccinated.

Similarly, after vaccination, the risk of hospitalization for the disease is reduced by 73% and the risk of severe symptoms of the disease is reduced by 31%.

Common symptoms in these people are similar to those who do not use the vaccine, including loss of sense of smell, cough, fever, headache and fatigue.

The severity of all these symptoms is mild and the rate of reporting them by vaccinated people is low and the chances of multiple symptoms in the first week of the disease are also low.

Sneezing was the only symptom reported in people with a breakthrough infection that most patients reported.

Research has found that people living in poorer areas have a higher risk of contracting the disease after a single dose of the vaccine, while age is not a risk factor in itself, but in people who already have the disease. The risk of cod after vaccination may be higher.

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Experts say the good news about the burden of long codes is that completing vaccinations significantly reduces the risk of long-term symptoms when infected with codes and, unfortunately, getting sick.

But the risk is much higher in frail and elderly people and they need to be given a second or booster dose of the vaccine on a priority basis.


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