Can the passport be valid for less than 60 days?

A foreign worker questioned the justification that there are 23 days left in the passport period, he applied to Abshar to set up an exit bath, but it was rejected, what to do now?

Answering this question, Juzaat said that it is mandatory that the minimum validity of the passport is 60 days. If the period is less than 60 days Abshersystem automatically rejects the application.

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It should be noted that the worker is given a 60-day grace period after the final exit, so that they can complete their affairs if they want to in this period.

A person on Juzaat’s Twitter inquired, ‘Worker has gone on holiday where the passport has been renewed after it has expired, can he enter the country on the new passport while the exit visa period that was issued on the old passport number remains?

Juzaat said that after the renewal of the foreign worker’s passport, the sponsor of the worker can send a copy of the worker’s passport through their Abshar account.

The worker’s sponsor should feed the worker’s new passport information into the authorization system using the ‘Tawaswal’ service through his Abshar account so that he does not face any problem at the airport in case of the worker’s return. Big.

It should be noted that copying of passport information is very important. Passport is an international travel document which is very important to be valid.

The Saudi Passport Department has made a lot of changes in the online services, which has made it much easier to extend the period of Iqama and exit visa and perform other matters.

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An online system has also been introduced to keep the information of foreign workers updated as per the Permits Act.

Under immigration laws, Iqama holders are required to enter a new passport after renewing their passport. The process of entering the new passport documents into the system is called ‘duplication of information’ in Arabic.

There has also been a lot of convenience in copying information from the online system. Now, after renewing the passport, ‘copy information’ can be done online even while staying away.

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