Can teams India and Pakistan meet in WTC finals? You know what the equation says

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Test team from India and Pakistan

The final of the World Test Championship was recently played between India and Australia. Team India suffered a defeat in this game. After this great game, all teams have started preparing for the new cycle of the World Test Championship. Where India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Australia and West Indies played their first Test series. After this series, the teams from Pakistan and India are on the first and second places in the WTC ranking list. In such a situation, hopes have arisen among the fans that this time the record match of the Test World Cup can be played between India and Pakistan. So let’s understand what equation both teams can use to compete against each other.

How can the final game be India vs Pakistan?

Not many matches have been played between India and Pakistan in recent years. Fans eagerly await the game between these teams. Both teams play each other in ODIs and T20s at ICC events or the Asia Cup, but the last friendly match between the two teams was held in 2007 itself. Now the fans want to see the clash between the two teams in the test as well. Therefore, the World Test Championship Finals is the only place where a test match between Team India and Team Pakistan can be seen. In such a situation, both teams must be in first and second place at the end of that WTC cycle.

What is the equation of both teams?

The Indian team has qualified through to the finals of the last two WTC series. However, he suffered a defeat in both finals. This time, too, Team India can qualify for the final. With the exception of Australia and South Africa, they now have to do the entire Test series at home. Where Team India reigns supreme. On the other hand, Team India has faced tough competition from South Africa at home in recent years and the last two Test series in Australia have been won by Team India. In such a situation, India has a great chance to get a place in the finals again.

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Let’s talk about Pakistan: Apart from Sri Lanka, Australia and South Africa, all test series have to be played at home. There they meet England, Bangladesh and the West Indies. England may prove to be a threat to them in the home series. Most recently, they lost 3-0 at home to England. At the same time, the tour of Australia and South Africa will not be easy for them. If Pakistan has to finish first or second at the end of this WTC cycle, it will take a lot of hard work. Overall it seems very difficult to host a final between India and Pakistan.

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