Can Ripple Become Worth 1 Euro? Why These 2 Unknown Cryptos With Potential Are The Best Investments Right Now

It has taken years, but there is finally a ruling in the lawsuit between the cryptocurrency Ripple and the US regulator SEC. That ruling has been beneficial to Ripple because the XRP coin has not been labeled as a security here.

The long time that this statement has been lived up to also caused uncertainty around the Ripple price. That uncertainty should now be behind us, but the SEC has indicated that it disagrees with the ruling.

The lawyers of the SEC also seem to indicate that they are looking into whether an appeal is possible. An appeal can again take years and increase the uncertainty surrounding Ripple again.

Ripple sees few bears on the road and indicates that it is also confident that the judge will rule in Ripple’s favor in an appeal. Nevertheless, the company is looking at the possibilities of leaving the United States.

The year 2023 could be the year in which there will be much more clarity around the regulation of the crypto industry. While the United States clearly seems to be pulling the strings, there are other countries that offer better opportunities.

For example, Ripple is looking at moving to the UK, where current policymakers are looking at easing regulations for cryptocurrency companies to become a major hub for blockchain technology.

Can Ripple Be Worth $1?

For the average crypto trader it does not matter where the company behind a certain crypto coin is located. It is of course much more about the value of a crypto coin, and especially what this value can become.

For many crypto traders around Ripple, the question is whether the coin can become worth 1 Euro, and if that succeeds, when this will be. It was expected that a positive ruling in the lawsuit could help with this.

It has already taken an important step after rising from a price point around €0.50 to around €0.85. After that, the increase stopped somewhat, but the price is still a lot higher than before the judge’s ruling.

Due to this first increase after the ruling, the limit of 1 Euro quickly became clear for the Ripple price. It is therefore expected that the 1 Euro limit will be broken this year by this crypto with potential.

However, the biggest increases are probably already behind us. As long as the crypto market does not experience overwhelming increases, there will be better investments available than Ripple.

Why These 2 Unknown Cryptos With Potential Are The Best Investments Right Now

By investing in unknown crypto with potential, you often give your portfolio a better chance of making higher profits. For example, with a further increase in the Ripple price to 1 euro, there will be a profit of several tens of percent.

While unknown crypto with potential to rise even further. The crypto coins we discuss below have a chance of this and can still experience enormous increases from a low market value.

  1. Evil Pepe (EVILPEPE) – The latest trending shitcoin of 2023
  2. BTC20 (BTC20) – New Bitcoin staking coin with huge potential

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The 2 Best Unknown Crypto With Potential

Before you invest in a new unknown crypto coin, it is wise to know more about the relevant projects. That is why we discuss the two mentioned crypto coins below.

You can read more about the purpose of the projects, the technical background and things like the tokenomics of a project. In the end, you always decide for yourself which cryptocurrency you have the most confidence in.

In addition to Ripple, there is another coin that is dominating the news in the crypto world this year. Pepe coin managed to cause a new bull run within the meme coin market at the beginning of this year and benefited the most from it.

The price of the Pepe coin is now falling somewhat and many additional alternatives have come onto the market. Evil Pepe is the latest addition, a new meme coin that should become the dark side of Pepe coin.

This makes it an investment that should mainly interest traders who have missed their chance with Pepe Coin. You get a new chance to invest in a comparable token and at an even more favorable time.

Evil Pepe has been launched via a presale, which means that as a trader you now have the chance to get in very cheaply. The token costs $0.000333 in this presale and there are about $2 million worth of tokens available in total.

Evil Pepe was developed on the blockchain of Ethereum and is therefore, just like the vast majority of the crypto market, an ERC-20 token. As a result, you can easily buy the token in the presale by trading Ethereum or USDT for it.

Once the presale is over, you can claim your purchased tokens through the website and then continue trading if you wish. The token will be listed at one or more decentralized exchanges after the presale.

At the moment, more than $1 million worth of tokens have already been sold, so only less than half of the tokens are available.

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2. BTC20 (BTC20) – New Bitcoin staking coin with huge potential

On to a new Bitcoin: BTC20. Where we have already seen new coins such as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash and more in addition to Bitcoin, there is now a token with the same name that has been developed on Ethereum.

That sounds crazy, but BTC20 does have a number of interesting aspects that can make it quickly rise towards the other Bitcoin coins. By making an ERC-20 token, this Bitcoin variant suddenly becomes easy to stake.

The Proof-of-Work mechanism of the original Bitcoin is still a major problem that causes Bitcoin to use too much energy. PoW requires mining to verify transactions.

Ethereum switched to Proof-of-Stake last year and therefore all tokens on this blockchain also have that option.

BTC20 is therefore the green variant of Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, it has a total of 21 million tokens, 6.05 million of which will be available during the presale.

The remaining tokens are reserved for the staking pool to reward anyone who stakes BTC20. You pay exactly $1 for the tokens in the presale, so the market value of the project is estimated at $21 million.

This means that there is still enormous potential for growth for the BTC20 token. Whether it will ever be worth as much as Bitcoin is difficult to predict, but there is still a huge gap between the current market value and that of the original Bitcoin.

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