Home Business Can Ethereum rise to $10,000 through exchange funds?

Can Ethereum rise to $10,000 through exchange funds?

Can Ethereum rise to $10,000 through exchange funds?

Just like a Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETF, an Ethereum (ETH) spot ETF has now also been requested by Blackrock. The big question, of course, is what the ETF will mean for Ethereum owner. This video first draws a comparison between the two Basics of Ethereum and all other coins before the price development is shown.

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ETH is lagging behind BTC

In terms of price development, we see that Ethereum is still well behind Bitcoin. We can already talk about a possible bull market in Bitcoin, but this remains to be seen in Ethereum. Will the ETF (application) change this?

The price lag compared to Bitcoin creates opportunities. The spread The difference between the two is currently ±40 percent if we consider both pricing structures. In the scenario of an upward price development, the most important resistance levels are depicted.

But is $10,000 realistic for Ethereum? To answer this question, a comparison is made with previous bull market advances, which shows that only 20% of the increase in the previous bull market is required to achieve this result. In addition, the realization of the ETF makes it more interesting for “new money” to participate. This makes the possibility very likely, but as always there are no guarantees in financial markets.

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