Can an AI own a patent?

A UK appeals court has ruled that AI systems cannot register or have patents because the software is not human and therefore lacks human rights.

Several courts around the world have come to the same conclusion, despite the efforts of a very enthusiastic inventor.

Dr Stephen Thaler has repeatedly filed patents on behalf of its AI, called DABUS. Claims that this AI should be credited for the inventions it helped to produce.

However, patent offices do not see it that way.. After Dr Thaler refused to re-file his patents under a real name, the UK Intellectual Property Office withdrew him from the registration process.

Dr. Thaler responded by taking the Intellectual Property Office to court. And unsurprisingly, the agency rejected his case. Then Dr. Thaler appealed and again he lost.

In her decision against the appeal, Judge Elisabeth Laing stated that “Only one person can have rights … a patent is a legal right and can only be granted to one person.”

Dr. Thaler is not a compassionate guy trying to defend the rights of his AI. In its patent applications, it claims to be the owner of the IA DABUS and, therefore, you must control your intellectual property.

Conversations about AI rights will get complicated over time. But to this day, judges around the world continue to reach the same conclusion: AI cannot have patents.

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