The reform of the Champions League, approved by UEFA in Vienna after its Executive Committee, leaves some doubts and curiosities that make the format a matter yet to be discovered. The most important thing is that the two leagues with the highest coefficient in the UEFA ranking the previous season will get an extra place. That is, the League can have five quite regularly.

Which fifth would go?

Giorgio Marchetti explained how the criteria will be for the countries that obtain one more place. It will always be the fifth-placed team in the national league who will benefit from that honor. Never the Cup champion, for example, or the one who ends up in another position. According to the current criteria, five teams would go to the Champions League and two to the Europa League. Spanish participation in the Conference would be lost.

What if there are champions?

The champions of the Europa League and the Champions League automatically qualify for the next Champions League. Therefore, they would enter among the five of the country in question, if the ranking gives them to win a place, and the last two would run to the Europa League.

the magic formula

There is an option, albeit minimal, that 7 teams from the same country play in the Champions League in the same season. The 4 of a country should qualify, the fifth by UEFA ranking and that the Champions and Europa League champions were not among the top five of that country. According to Marchetti, “it is easier for a meteorite to fall on where we are than for that possibility to occur.”


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