Campazzo owns his decisions

At this point in his career, we don’t know if Facundo Campazzo and his agents have done everything wrong. Or everything has gone wrong. Or a huge mixed dose of both ingredients. Neither decision-making nor fortune have smiled on the Argentine point guard in the last two years. Just since he opted to leave Real Madrid, where he was a renowned Euroleague player with a sweet contract of more than three million gross per year, to fulfill his dream of competing in the NBA, where he has always been considered a secondary player. Since that autumn of 2020, El Facu has lost minutes of play and a lot of money, especially a lot of money, because during his North American adventure he earned less than he was going to earn before and, to top it off, he still owes him a significant portion of the clause of termination to Madrid. Bad luck? Bad management? Or both things?

Since that departure from the white team, where he exercised his indisputable leadership, was respected and loved, each step has been a new setback. His last-minute signing by the Dallas Mavericks barely lasted a month. And his return to Europe has been so muddy that he will not be able to debut in the Euroleague until March, after the severe sanction that has fallen on his current team, Red Star, for debts with the players and for documentary falsehood. These are not two offenses that augur the best horizon and the best work environment for Campazzo. Nor was it the best sports project where he could land. But this has been his choice. Yes, it was, by far, the team that put the most money on the table. And that is what he has chosen. In Madrid I was happy and I would have been happy again, but each one is the master of their own decisions. Let’s hope he at least collects the amounts signed. And may the future be straightened out. For his sake and for the sake of basketball.

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