Campazzo cannot play the Euroleague due to a sanction against his club

The Argentine point guard Facundo Campazzo, brand new reinforcement of Red Star, will not be able to play in the Euroleague until at least March due to a sanction imposed by the Finance Panel of the competition, after considering that the Serbian club failed to comply with the Financial Stability and Fair Play Regulations of the organism. Faced with this suspension, the Balkan team requested a review of the case by ensuring that it had already complied with all its obligations.

“The sanctions imposed consider the seriousness of the infringements, which included having past-due debts with players from current and previous seasons, as well as providing false or inaccurate information, which allowed the club to gain an undue competitive advantage and continue with its normal operations despite of an irregularity,” the Euroleague said in a statement. “The Panel also considered the recidivism, since the Serbian club was previously sanctioned on two other occasions in recent years,” he continued.

In this way, Red Star will not be able to register new basketball players until March 1, facing the final stages of the Euroleague, and among them is Facundo Campazzo from Cordoba, who signed in the last days after passing through the NBA in the past three seasons. In principle, the former Denver player would miss nine games, although a side effect could favor the Argentine National Team: the captain could be in the FIBA ​​qualifying window in February, when Pablo Prigioni’s team hosts Canada on Thursday the 23rd and to the Dominican Republic on Sunday 26 in the last two qualifying dates.

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Through a statement, Red Star maintained that “the punishment is extremely severe” and requested “urgently that the CEO of the Euroleague, Marshall Glikman, as one of his legal options, to use his right and authority, and suspend the sanction based on Article 20 F of the Euroleague Disciplinary Regulations”. It further states that “the sentence imposed does not correspond to the crime committed. When determining the sanction, the financial panel had a very wide and gradual selection of sanctions and chose the most severe , which does not fully correspond to the situation”.

According to what he says in the statement, Red Star “complied with all the obligations and financial demands of the Euroleague, about which Marshall Glickman himself was fully informed and expressed it in public.” In addition, he made it clear that Dejan Bodiroga, the interim president of the Euroleague, is fully informed of all the steps that Red Star is taking as a club.

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