Campazzo and Vildoza beat Obradovic in a boiling derby

One more time, maximum tension in the great Belgrade derby between Red Star and Partizan. The former prevailed, in a tremendous Cup semifinal between the two euroleagues Serbs (75-83) and will play the final, today Saturday, against Mega Basket. in Nis, Red Star overcame a deficit that was up to 18 points in the first half and prevailed with a brilliant second half (31-49) thanks to his heavyweights: 15 points from Vildoza, 14 from Petrusev and Nedovic, 12 and 7 assists from Campazzo… In Partizan, 19 points from Nunnally, 16 from LeDay and 13 with 12 rebounds from Lesyesorth.

But, unfortunately, the news was back in the stands, where there was a lot of tension between the fans. In the 33rd minute, the game had to be stopped amid the rain of objects and, before it was decided that the game could continue, members of both squads addressed the public to ask for calm. Dusko Ivanovic, the Red Star coach, had been sent off at the start of the second quarter.

Zeljko Obradovic, who has been very critical of this type of behavior on other occasions, spoke about it again after his team’s defeat: “You know what I think, I’ve been talking about it since day one. I don’t know why others don’t also come out to talk. I’m talking about the fans of my team, of Partizan. And I am totally against insults, throwing objects… anything similar. I don’t know why there isn’t much of a problem in Euroleague derbies and in local competitions, yes. You journalists should talk about who is fueling this, making this atmosphere. I think everything is pretty well known.”.

Facundo Campazzo, who can win the Serbian Cup with Red Star today, also spoke about the situation during the match: “I did not expect such madness. Everyone was throwing things on the track… but I already know how it is. I really enjoyed everything, it was a great show. I really enjoyed what happened on track and off, we got a great win for ourselves and our fans.

The Argentine point guard also told that Ivanovic continued to give instructions from behind the bench despite his expulsion: “He kept giving tactical orders. I think his role was key, that he was the leader. We listened to him, we received his messages. When he was sent off, we had to step up, be more focused, be more aggressive.”

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