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Campazzo already has a new partner at Real Madrid: the galactic signing of Chus Mateo

The new international acquisition that will accompany the Argentine player in the “merengues”.

Amid the excitement surrounding the induction of Facundo Campazzo, the Merengues team are not resting in their search for talent to bolster their roster. Although the transfer chapter for Real Madrid was believed to be over, a new figure could be on the horizon who will join Campazzo on the pitch.. The protagonist of this story is Mike James, a European basketball star who wants to join the white team.

Mike James, who recently left AS Monaco, He has been in talks with Real Madrid over his possible inclusion in the squad. The news caused quite a stir in the basketball world as James is known for his prowess on the court and his ability to make a difference in crucial moments. His desire to join the Madrid club has been made clear, even stating that he prefers Real Madrid to long-time rivals Barcelona.

Campazzo Real Madrid
A high-profile international signing is proving to be the perfect partner for the Argentinian player

Campazzo finds a new partner at Real Madrid

Despite his excitement at joining the Merengues team, Mike James’ signing presents challenges for the club to take into account. First of all, your salary becomes a critical point in the negotiations. With a salary approaching €2million at AS Monaco, James has expressed his willingness to see his salary reduced to €1.5million to wear the white shirt. Although this show of flexibility is a significant gesture, Real Madrid need to carefully consider the financial investment.

Another potential challenge is Mike James’ personality. Known for his strong and determined character, there are concerns that his presence in the dressing room could cause tension or conflict. Maintaining harmony and balance within the squad is vital to performance on the pitch and achieving goals. The club must assess whether the addition of James to the team will have a positive or negative effect in terms of chemistry and unity.

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Despite the challenges Real Madrid have an important decision to make regarding the potential signing of Mike James. His experience and skills could greatly add to the team’s dynamic, especially alongside a player like Campazzo. James’ willingness to sacrifice part of his salary shows his genuine interest in joining the club.

And there is no doubt that the “whites” are at an exciting crossroads. Finding a new “Galactic” to join the team’s ranks isn’t just about considering skills on the pitch, but also economic factors and team dynamics. Mike James could be the perfect partner for Campazzo with his willingness to take a pay cut and desire to play for Real Madrid. However, the club must carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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