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Cameron Green made a record, he knows his worth

Cameron Green made a record, he knows his worth

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Cameron Green IPL 2023 Mumbai Indians: The Mumbai Indians team, captained by Rohit Sharma, is now getting closer and closer to another IPL title. The team crossed the first hurdle when it entered the playoffs on the basis of more points despite having a negative net run rate. But the team reached the playoffs at number four, so they had to play the tie, but now the second hurdle has been crossed. The team has made its place in the second qualifier by defeating LSG. The team is now just two steps away from their sixth IPL title. The team will face Gujarat Titans, which is not going to be easy at all. Meanwhile, the player who has contributed a lot in bringing the team here is Cameron Green who is still young and has made his IPL debut this year. Already in the first season, Cameron Green has made his mark and has now joined the list of Shane Watson and Adam Gilchrist.

Cameron Green has scored over 400 runs for MI in the first season of IPL

Cameron Green has not scored more than 400 in IPL 2023. Talking about the 16 IPL played so far, prior to this, only three Australian batsmen were able to score more than 400 runs in the first IPL season. The first name in this comes from Shaun Marsh who made his IPL debut in 2008 and was playing for Punjab Kings. He scored 616 runs that year, which is the highest score by any foreign player to date. In the same year i.e. 2008, Shane Watson was playing for Rajasthan Royals, he scored 472 runs, followed by Adam Gilchrist. He scored 436 runs in the 2008 IPL while playing for Deccan Chasers. After this, it has now happened that an Australian player has scored over 400 runs in his first season.

Cameron Green is the third batsman to score the most runs for the Mumbai Indians this year.

If we talk about the most runs scoring batsmen of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023, then Suryakumar Yadav is at number one. He’s at number seven on the list of most-run hitters this season, but for MI, he’s scored a career-high 544 runs with the bat. After this number comes Ishan Kishan, who has scored 454 runs this year, while Cameron Green has managed to score 422 runs. He is 12th on the list of most run-scoring hitters. He has an unbeaten century and an average of over 52, while batting at a strike rate of 161.

Mumbai Indians bought Cameron Green for Rs 17.50 crore

Cameron Green was bought by Mumbai Indians for a whopping 17.50 at the IPL auction. At that time, in addition to the Mumbai Indians, many other teams chased Cameron Green, but MI was successful. Cameron Green’s base price was just Rs 2 crore, but when his name was called, many teams started bidding. The team that made the first offer for him was RCB but the second offer was made by Mumbai Indians, only then was it understood that MI was not going to drop him anytime soon. The bidding continued, the price kept going up, but MI did not back down, eventually taking it for Rs 17.50 crore. Mumbai Indians are believed to have included him in their team as a long-term investment, who will later emerge as a great player for the team.

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