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Camavinga upsets Guardiola

Camavinga upsets Guardiola

Ancelotti came to ask Guardiola the following theorem: if you want the ball like so many times in the past, there you have it, and I will run with Vinicius and Camavinga. The Santpedor coach andHe entered the rag and took the goring. The first goal was a lightning action by Camavinga where City is not used to having to cover up the theoretical left-back rival and when they wanted to correct something, Ederson was taking the ball out of his goal.

With yesterday’s eleven, with Camavinga of three but helping the trio in front (Kroos, Modric and Valverde) plus Vinicius-Benzema-Rodrygo at specific moments, Ancelotti continues to feel powerful. De Bruyne’s great goal is the first to fit in with that gala lineup after coming back from behind against Barcelona in the semifinals with the historic 0-4 win at the Camp Nou and blowing up Chelsea, both in the first leg (2-0) and in the second leg in London (0-2). A total balance of nine goals for and one against in four games against three teams top. Everything invites us to think that he will repeat for the Etihad final next Wednesday the 17th.

Everywhere at the same time

The difference in depth that Camavinga gives to the team is definitely detected in the offensive difference with Carvajal. The Frenchman gave 28 balls to the midfielders and forwards, to 15 from Leganense. That coming and going baffled the citizen footballers. The first of all, Bernardo Silva, who paid for his frustration with a great template for the twin of the 12 whites in the first half in which the Portuguese Arturo Dias became the Swede. Despite that, The team had no choice skyblue to cover the bleeding that Camavinga caused him based on fouls. In total they made four, the one who suffered the most from Madrid, one more than Vinicius received.

Camavinga, leaving Bernardo Silva.JAVIER GANDULACE DAILY

Camavinga finished the game wearing the same legs as in minute one. He was the one who fueled the last madridista arreón looking for 2-1. He intervened on the last two occasions for Madrid. The first one himself arriving with his third lung as a winger although the shot with his right foot missed him and then another… managing operations as a midfielder. He is everywhere and nowhere where they know how to neutralize him. Guardiola takes homework to Manchester.

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