Camavinga threatens Tchouameni

Camavinga threatens Tchouameni

Finally someone in Real Madrid offered one of those parties that magnified a casemiro. Of tactical, supportive domain, putting his leg in without going too far and acting as center third in stressful situations. And it was not from Tchouameni, the designated successor, but of a outsiderCamavina. A player who has pushed Ancelotti to the limit of his patience and who Carletto blessed in La Catedral at the end of the game without even being asked about him: “I want to personally highlight Camavinga, the game he played has been spectacular.

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The Frenchman spent ten years on his football in Bilbao. He removed that acne that sometimes gives him away with kicks at the wrong time and covered him with the residue of those players who have seen everything. Ancelotti liked that Camavinga Zen who knew how to navigate between the high revolutions of the cupbearer duel in La Cerámica without seeing a second yellow card that could have annihilated the comeback. Camavinga, as David Carradine in Kung Fuis a small grasshopper on a journey to ownership that after following the advice of his teacher has been able to finish in Bilbao.

Camavinga, during the warm-up in San Mamés.


Camavinga, during the warm-up in San Mamés. Icon SportsGetty

His match against Athletic He was sublime physically (he ran 11 kilometers in total), tactically (he was the third Madrid player to intervene in the most actions, with 66) and attentive, because led Madrid’s Numantino effort in the botxo with nine ball steals, six clearances (the one that is closest to Nacho) and a tacklewho also knows. He appropriated the wide strip of San Mamés becoming a martyrdom for Sancet, Vesga and Zárraga. The lions had to stop him with infractions, five; only Vinicius was fouled more (six). Bed He was a referential footballer.

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Tchouameni, close to returning…

This Camavinga match is great news for Madrid and for Ancelotti and not so much for his teammate and compatriot Tchouameni. Suffocated that controversial medical-festive getaway to Parisyesterday he recorded on his networks that he was watching the game on TV. He has little left to return, time that in the current competition process of Madrid (there is the resurgence of Ceballos and Asensio) it is a world …

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Camavinga has another opportunity on Thursday in the cupbearer derby to confirm himself in this new role of five and above all displaying this new self-control in a tense game and with players like De Paul who like to make the game canchero. A little incense and play.



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