Camacho in campaign?

The Dominican Olympic environment has been “on fire” in recent months and the fire will grow much more in January because in 2022 there will be elections for a new Executive Committee.

Antonio Acosta, current president, has already announced that he will run, in what would be his first aspiration after taking office before the retirement of Luisin Mejía in January of this year.

The fact is that a few days ago some federated managers circulated the name of the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, as a potential candidate for the presidency of the COD for next year.

Is this possible, is such a nomination valid or do the federation do it simply for fun? Is Camacho really on that wavelength, could he be the candidate?

I would say that it cannot be ruled out taking into account the fact that he is also federated as president of the Dominican Wrestling Federation. He is on an “executive license” although nothing like it.

So does Colin Acosta, the head of the COD, who remains president of the Fighting Federation, sharing both positions. They follow in the footsteps of Luisin, who served a time as Softball president once he took over the COD nearly 20 years ago.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that the world has changed and now many things are validated that are not prohibited in the regulations, but that could be considered unethical. Here there are many government officials, in sports and other areas in such a condition.

CHRISTMAS: The groups around the COD have taken advantage of Christmas to campaign, according to data from these environments. A few days ago, Camacho had a meeting of food, wine and beer with the directors of federations in a restaurant on Ave. Sarasota, which was well attended.

Later, the president of the COD made his own in his organization and the attendance was also good. In the middle of it all is the figure of Luis Chanlatte, who presides over a federation of something called Wushu. His case is different because, even though he is a member of the Executive Committee, he carries out an aggressive internal opposition to Acosta.

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So 2022 is coming “hard” for the Olympics, it is possible that another candidate will emerge, but there are already two (Acosta and Chanlatte) and they do not rule out Camacho. If it happens and wins, it would be the first time that a minister would also be president of the COD. Is it possible?

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