Calm returns!

It was all a matter of time, the great production of the Dominican team would start at any moment, as expressed by the players Juan Soto and Manny Machado, two of the main architects in the victory against Nicaragua.

“This success takes away the bad taste we had in the first game against Venezuela, we hope that things continue to improve from now on,” said Soto, who held a strange position as leadoff hitter and the experiment was very positive for the team. club. He adds that with a victory the waters already take their level and the important thing is to seek to go out and win each game”, said the Padres outfielder about the success in which the Dominicans connected a dozen hits.

“I really feel satisfied with this victory and even better because I was able to put part of my work into it,” added the player.

He points out that he has always shown himself willing to represent the Dominican Republic, no matter who it is against, I will be enjoying every moment, every second, because one does not know when this would happen again.

“I know we fell in the first game, but this did not make us lower our heads, because we know that we have the talent to recover and start responding,” Soto said.

While Machado was more than satisfied with his performance, because in each turn he hit the ball well. “I had good swings, but I give all the credit to the outfielders who played magnificent defense in there, with several hits that the team hit, but in the final turn the ball was able to hit a home run,” said the third baseman.

With wide smiles, both complimented each other for the combination of power they exhibited and tomorrow to find a way to achieve another victory against Israel’s ninth.

The manager Rodney Linares valued the victory of the Dominican Republic and said that it was only time for the boys to hit with the authority that they are called to do.

“It was a great success, the boys came motivated and determined that they would come out victorious, it was a great achievement that erases the failure of the clash on Saturday,” he said.

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