Home Entertainment Calling out Elvis is costing Salman Khan a lot

Calling out Elvis is costing Salman Khan a lot

Calling out Elvis is costing Salman Khan a lot

Bigg Boss OTT 2 fans like it very much. While the contestant drama entertains people, fans of the show’s contestants get irritated due to their loved one’s bad behavior on the show. Recently, when Weekend Ka Vaar happened, host Salman Khan bluntly told the contestants about his attitude and berated them for their wrongdoing. In which Elvish fans got mad at Salman and started telling him lies.

On the seventh weekend vaar, Salman Khan chastised Elvish and Dhurve for their behaviour. It actually happened that first of all, Salman Khan rebuked Babika for the argument between Babika and Manisha Rani. After which, Salman turned to Elvish and expressed his anger at her foul language and use of violent and derogatory words on the show. Salman Khan chided Elvish, asking why he takes so much pride in his army of fans, does he pay to follow them? After which Elvish replied that his fans don’t give him money. After which, Salman Khan said, if he keeps the price of him even at 500 rupees, then let’s see how many fans he will have. After this, Salman said that the real army is the Indian army that protects the people of the country. Salman further said that he should not slander his mother tongue, Haryanvi.

Before the end of this episode, Salman Khan also had Elvish talk to his mother on a video call, after which the social media influencer Elvish broke down and started feeling ashamed. Before the episode ends, Salman Khan advises Elvish to live up to the fans’ expectations of her and not let them down with her behavior.

Salman Khan started trending on Twitter only after this episode ended. Salman faces the wrath of Elvish fans. These words from Salman have angered Elvish’s fans, after which they demand to lower the ratings of the show. One fan commented on this: “I didn’t like at all the way Salman Khan put Elvish’s mother in the middle to demotivate him.” In this way, Salman had to bring Babika’s father on stage as well. Another user told Bigg Boss to be fake on this and wrote: “Bigg Boss 2 is fake… Salman Khan is fake.”

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