Singer Meau has the first number 1 hit of the year. With her song Dat je doen she is number 1 in the Mega Top 30, the Top 40 and the Singles Top 100. Her song has been listened to more than 17 million times on Spotify.

Children for children

Meau is 21 years old and has been making music almost all her life. As a child she had singing and piano lessons and she sang with Children for Children for three years. Her first own live performance was in June 2021 and on December 26, 2021 Meau participated in The Streamers.

Soon we will visit her with your questions.

Meau’s number 1 hit is a very personal song. It’s about a relationship she had that wasn’t right for her. She wrote the song in an hour, after talking to someone about what she had been through.


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