Call for lobbying to pass a resolution praising Bangladesh’s development in Congress

On the occasion of 52 years of great independence, on March 29, 153 distinguished citizens of various classes and professions living in the United States congratulated Congressman (Republican-South Carolina) Joe Wilson, who introduced a resolution in the US Congress to appreciate the socio-economic progress of Bangladesh and to recognize the progress of the prudent leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Sunday They congratulated in a joint statement.

Every expatriate who loves the country has been called upon to meet with the congressmen of their respective areas to pass the resolution raised in the statement.

Notably, Congressman Wilson, who introduced the resolution, is an influential member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress and is also the co-chair of the Congressional Bangladesh Caucus.

Among the signatories of the statement are freedom fighters, scientists, researchers, professors, engineers, poets, writers, columnists, city mayors, state representatives, city councilmen and media personalities.

The statement mentions, “Expatriates are helping Bangladesh’s economic development in many ways and we hope that the current development march will continue under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.”

The statement was signed by New Hampshire State Representative (Republican) Abul Khan, Milborne City Mayor (Democrat) Mahabubul Alam Tayyab, Councilman of Plainsboro City of New Jersey and Ekushey medalist writer-hero freedom fighter Dr. Nurun Nabi, Milbourne City Councilman Nurul Hasan, Hamtromic City Councilman Abu Ahmed Musa, Professor of Drexel University of Pennsylvania and former president of Bangladesh Medical Association Association of North America Bir Muktijodha Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, columnist and writer Hasan Ferdous, internationally renowned water scientist. Sufian A Khandkar, scientist and writer. Ashraf Ahmed, freedom fighter with the title of Vir Pratik Major (retd.) Manjur Ahmed, president of the United States branch of Bangabandhu Foundation Dr. Khandakar Mansoor, General Secretary Abdul Quader Mia, Senior Journalist and President of the United States Branch of Sector Commanders Forum-Muktijudda’71, Vir Muktijoddha Labloo Ansar, Vocalist of Swadhin Bangla Betarkendra, Ekushey Medalist Rathindranath Roy and Vocalist Shahid Hasan, Morshed Alam, the pioneer of diaspora in mainstream politics, America-Bangladesh Alliance Founder-Chair MA Salam, Boston University Professor Veer Muktijodha Syed Abu Hasnat, International Sustainable Development Institute Executive Director Iqbal Yusuf, Florida Bi-National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Vice Chair Atiqur Rahman, Florida Palm Beach Bangladeshi-American Democrat Club President Hasan Jahangir, Florida Democratic Party’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee Vice Chair Junaid Akhtar, New York City University Professor Dr. Mohsin Patwari, federal government scientist. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, professor at Catholic University in Washington DC. Adnan Morshed, Associate Professor at Howard University. Hemayet Ullah, project manager of the Washington Sub-Urban Sanitary Commission. Mahbub Pramanik, Research Specialist at Rockefeller University in New York Dr. Veer Muktijodha. Pradeep Kar, Writer Purvi Basu, Literary Jyoti Prakash Dutta, Poet-Columnist Fakir Ilyas, Poet Farhana Ilyas Tuli, Poet Syed Mamunur Rashid, Poet ¯^Pnil Firoz, Poet Abu Saeed Ratan, USBCCI Founder and President Liton Ahmed, Heroic Freedom Fighter Rezaul Bari , Hero freedom fighter Abul Bashar Chunnu, Hero freedom fighter Rashed Ahmed, Hero freedom fighter Khurshid Anwar Bablu. The statement was also signed by community leader Alim Khan Akash in New York, Dr. Baman Dasbasu, Scientist, Boston, Shafeda Basu, Community Leader, Ishtiaq Rupu, Poet, New York, Mahbubur Rahman Bhaiya, Business Leader, Georgia, Mintu Rahman, Community Leader, Georgia, Nadira Rahman, Community Leader, Georgia, Golam Mohiuddin, Musician Georgia, Nazrul Islam, Community Leader, Georgia, Farooq Ahmed, Community Leader, Georgia, Mohin, Community Leader, Georgia, Mohammad Mawla, Community Leader, Georgia, Md. Ali Hussain, Freedom Fighter, Georgia, Abul Hasan, Community Leader, Georgia, Ahmadur Parvez, Community Leader, Georgia, Arefin Babul, Community Leader, Georgia, Dr. Mohammad Nasim, Community Leader, Georgia, Mahmud Abbas, Community Leader, Georgia, Reza Karim, Community Leader, Georgia, Dr. Shahab Siddiqui, Service Holder & Social, Georgia, Mohammad Akbar Khan, Journalist & Social Leader, Georgia, Nazrul Islam, Community Leader, Georgia, Rumi Kabir, Writer & Community Leader, Georgia, Pintu Yusuf, Community Leader, Georgia, Nurul Kabir Nahid , Community Leader, Georgia Mozammel, Community Leader, Georgia, Mashiur Rahman, Businessman and Community Leader, Georgia, Russell Bhia, Businessman and Community Leader, Georgia, Arefin Piyal, Teacher and Community Leader, Georgia, Mahroofur Bhia, Community Leader, Georgia, Borhanuddin, Community Leader, Georgia, Rashedul Karim, Businessman and Community Leader, Georgia, Bindu Hossain, Singer and Community Leader, Georgia, Dr. Farooq Azam, Physician, New Jersey, Sakhawat Ali, Community Leader, Mohammad Ali Babul, New York, Dr. Abdul Baten, New York, Mishuk Salim, Poet, New York, Khaled Sharfuddin, Poet, New York, Safeda Basu, Community Leader, Boston, Zakaria Chowdhury, Businessman and Community Leader, New York, Tajul Imam, Artist and Freedom Fighter, Dastgir Jahangir, Journalist, Virginia, Harun Chowdhury, Freedom Fighter, Virginia, Shitangshu Guha, Human Rights Organizer and Journalist, New York, Nabendu Dutta, Community Leader, New York, Kaushik Ahmed, Journalist and Editor, Dr. Dilip Nath, mainstream organizer, New York, Fahim Reza Noor, writer, New York, Abdur Rahim Badsha, business leader, New York, Prof. Dr. Delwar Hussain, Alabam, Dr. Mohsin Ali, brave freedom fighter and writer, New York, Belal Baig, social thinker and writer, New York, Hasan Al Abdullah, poet and teacher, New York, Lutfunnahar Lata, actress and teacher, New York, Nini Waheed, Teacher and Community Leader, New York, Rafayet Chaudhary, Community Leader, New York, Siraj Ahmed, Community Leader, New York, Saud Chowdhury, Cultural Personality, New York, Dr. Manowar Hossain, Scientist, New Jersey, Nahid Chaudhary, Businessman, New Jersey, Mir Chowdhury, Community Leader, New Jersey, Golam Farooq Bhaiya, Businessman and Industrialist, New Jersey, Dr. Hasan Mamun, teacher, New Jersey, Dr. Zeenat Nabi, scientist, New Jersey, Bedarul Islam Babla, businessman and community leader, New York, Mahabub Reza Rahim, community leader, Arizona, Rehan Reza, Democrat, Kansas, Jahedul Mahmood Jami, freedom fighter, California, Mominul Haque Bachchu, community leader, California, Tawfiq Suleman Khan, businessman, California, Nazrul Alam, community leader, California, professor. Abu Nasser Rajib, California, MD. Rafiqul Islam, businessman-entrepreneur, California, engineer Tasnim Salam Aslam, California, dr. Anisul Aslam, Physician, California, Mizanul Kabir, Sheriff Officer, California, Mohammad Hussain Rana, Community Leader, California, Ahad Ahmed, Engineer, Michigan, Ali Ahmed Farish, Community Leader, Michigan, Ruæhul Amin, Businessman, Michigan, Abdul Muhit Mukta , Businessman, Michigan, Mohsin Uddin Tipu, Businessman, Michigan, Mohammad Sirajuddin Tipu, Community Leader, Michigan, Shyamal Chakraborty, Community Activist, New York, Pranbandhu Chakraborty, Engineer, New York, Engineer Mohammad Fazlul Haque, New York, Parimal Karmkar, Community Leader, New York, Jharna Chowdhury, Cultural-Organizer, New York, Syed Rashid Ahmed Karmani, Businessman, New York, Roxana Karmani, Professional, New York, Farooq Ahmed, Businessman, New York, Dilara Ahmed, Community Activist, New York, Ahmed Taukid Chowdhury, Student, New York, Engineer Saneet Ahmed Chowdhury, New York, Tauziat Chowdhury, PhD Student, New York, Shareev Ahmed, Professional, New York, Rontulal Das, Professional, New York, Abul Hasnat Raihan, Community Leader, California, Asaduzzaman Bachchu, Community Leader, California, Santosh Bara , Writer and Poet, Virginia, Nupur Chowdhury, Virginia, Rabiul Karim Belal, Pennsylvania, Dr. Ahsan Chowdhury Hero, Texas, Hasmat Mobin, Texas, Shah Halim, Texas, Swapnik Khan, Texas, Masood Chowdhury, California, Redwan Chowdhury, DC and Abul Bashar Bhuiyan, Hero Freedom Fighter, New York.

According to the resolution, Bangladesh’s journey of the last five decades from a war-torn poor country to a fast-growing economy after independence has been remarkable. According to World Bank data, the per capita GDP of Bangladeshis in 2021 stood at $2,457, which now exceeds many neighboring countries. During the Great Liberation War in 1971, the economy of Bangladesh was 9 billion dollars. In the last 5 decades it has increased to 450 billion dollars. Average life expectancy increased from 47 years to 73 years. The education rate has also exceeded 75 percent. Sheikh Hasina’s leadership has been praised by mentioning these achievements as incredible.

It has also been said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has achieved remarkable progress in various sectors including food production, disaster tolerance, poverty alleviation, development of health and education sector, empowerment of women. A liberal Muslim society exists in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s achievements in combating extremism are commendable. The bill also states that the people of the country have always wanted to maintain support for democracy and the rule of law rather than accepting autocratic rule.

Praising Bangladesh for sheltering Rohingyas, the resolution said Bangladesh has sheltered more than 1 million Rohingyas facing genocide in Myanmar. The United States is supporting Bangladesh with over two billion dollars worth of humanitarian aid to deal with this crisis. Apart from this, Bangladesh is in the leadership seat in UN peacekeeping operations. Bangladesh has received the praise of the American people for deploying the largest number of peacekeepers in different countries of the world. United States and Bangladesh – both countries are exchanging development experiences at the people-to-people and government-to-government level.

Taking into consideration these situations and events, this resolution has been raised with the aim of appreciating and recognizing the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. In the bill, the United States expressed its sincere determination to be a constructive partner of Bangladesh in achieving mutual economic, social and national security goals now and in the future.

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