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CaixaBank makes it easier to distribute the expenses of direct debit bills through Bizum

CaixaBank makes it easier to distribute the expenses of direct debit bills through Bizum

CaixaBank launches a new functionality in its digital banking to facilitate the shared payment of bills through Bizum. The application of CaixaBankNow already incorporates the option of distributing direct debit expenses among several people in a simple way.

This is a service designed for many cases of common expenses, such as renting a shared apartment or expenses for supplies with your partner. The main advantage is the improvement of the user experiencegiven that with just one click the client can activate all the operations and have the total amount on the screen, without having to remember it, in order to distribute it as he deems.

To use the service, CaixaBank customers only have to access the details of the receipt, from the section ‘my receipts‘. From there, they will be able to select the option to distribute the expense by Bizum. Automatically, the Bizum operation starts, which already shows on the screen, without the user having to do anything, the total amount of the receipt. The customer can modify that amount, if he wishes, and then selects the person to whom he wants to send the payment request.

CaixaBank, leader in mobile payment and technological innovation

CaixaBank is currently the financial institution with the largest digital customer base in Spain, with more than 11 million customers of its digital banking CaixaBankNow and imagin. It is also the first entity in number of users in Bizum, with 7.43 million registered customers at the end of April. Recently, CaixaBank has become the first financial entity that makes it easier for public administrations to integrate Bizum into its online platform for the collection of taxes, fees and sanctions instantly and automatically

This year, the US magazine Global Finance distinguished CaixaBank as ‘Most Innovative Financial Institution in Western Europe 2022‘ and ‘Best Digital Bank in Retail Banking in Spain 2022‘. These prizes are added to the global ones’Best Digital Bank for Individual Banking in Investment Products, Deposits and Cards in the World 2022‘ and ‘Best Digital Bank for Personal Banking in Invoice Management in the World 2022‘, and to the continental ‘Best Digital Bank for Retail Banking for Loans in Western Europe 2022‘, also from the American magazine. For its part, the entity’s digital banking service, CaixaBankNow, has been chosen as the Best mobile banking application for individuals in the World in 2019, and in Western Europe in 2021, 2020, and 2018.

In addition, the use of big data and artificial intelligence have earned the entity recognition of ‘Best entity in the world in data analysis and AI 2022‘ in the Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards, and ‘Best Private Bank in Europe in Data Analytics and AI 2022 and 2021’ by the PWM magazine of the Financial Times Group.

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