CaixaBank, Ebro Foods, Fundación Telefónica and Sogeviso, SERES2023 awards for their commitment to social innovation


As companies move from purpose to action, putting on paper (and making reality) transformative initiatives for society with facts and figures, this should not be overlooked. The SERES 2023 Awards were presented yesterday evening by the SERES Foundation to CaixaBank, Ebro Foods, Fundación Telefónica and Sogeviso to recognize those business actions that, within the framework of the strategy, contribute to the improvement of society and reduce the existing gap among the most disadvantaged groups (Sabadell) for his contribution to a better and healthier society.

For Fernando Ruiz, President of the SERES Foundation, “companies show every day that they are fundamental players when it comes to addressing major societal challenges with innovative, sustainable, efficient, scalable projects and with great positive social impact.” In This edition we have awarded four, but we have received more than a hundred initiatives that demonstrate the Spanish company’s commitment to social innovation, which at the SERES Foundation we will continue not only to reward but also to promote and accompany.”

In the words of Ana Sainz, Director General of the SERES Foundation: “Collaboration is essential because social problems are becoming ever greater and alliances are the key to transforming society and business.” We believe in the transformative value of business to society, in their ability to create value and build a stronger society. These awards recognize the commitment and work of companies that take a long-term approach without neglecting to support the most vulnerable people. Without leaving anyone behind.

The jury selected four initiatives from more than a hundred participating projects that focus on innovation and commitment. As in previous editions of the SERES Awards, the jury is made up of people representing different sectors of society: companies and institutions related to corporate social responsibility and social innovation, NGOs, media, universities and business schools, public administrations as well as the political and trade union world .

CaixaBank, Senior Managers for the Elderly

With 9 million people over 65 (19% of the population), Spain is an increasingly older country. Therefore, attention to older people in a sector such as banking is crucial to prevent their financial exclusion in the face of the increasing digitalization of banking services. A mission that CaixaBank works on through its Senior Commitment Program, which serves more than 4 million customers, and that Fundación SERES has recognized for its increased actions to care for the elderly, becoming the first institution in Spain to have a specialist for them created care. Managers offer them support and guidance based on closeness and trust. CaixaBank is present in the branches of this bank throughout Spain and has set the goal of reaching the number of 2,000 managers.

“CaixaBank is committed to offering each customer the best service according to their needs and this commitment is particularly evident in the adaptation of our model to older customers who clearly require differentiated and preferential attention. Over the last year we have worked intensively to implement improvements in aged care across all areas, both on site in the office network and in all other aspects around product development and personalization of services.

The good response from our customers as well as recognitions such as this SERES Award help us to continue working in this direction,” said Jaume Masana, Business Director of CaixaBank.

Roof, living space for homeless people

In Spain there are between 30,000 and 40,000 homeless people and more than 8,000 are without safe accommodation each night. A vulnerable group that, according to the INE, increased by 24.55% in 2022 compared to 2012. 28,552 people are cared for in the accommodation and catering centers. 40.5% have been in this situation for more than three years and 82% see it as a housing problem. To address this situation, têcho was created, a social SOCIMI that provides social institutions with housing for the homeless and is supported by Ebro Foods. Under the Housingfirst model, people gain access to housing and are supported by a team that responds to their needs to promote their community and economic integration.

“We cannot remain indifferent to the reality of those who suffer most in our country. The Techô project is an example that major social problems such as the lack of a home can be solved if we are able to tackle them all together, without prejudice or individualism, with everyone contributing their knowledge. When you see the change, the joy and the will to live of these people, when they have the opportunity to find a home from which they can recover and integrate into society, it is very difficult to stop. “Receiving the SERES Prize, one of the most important and coveted awards for all of us who work to develop programs with social impact, fills us with pride,” said Blanca Hernández, co-founder and president of techô, who added: “ “The award will help Techô encourage meditation, gain more visibility and continue to grow, allowing us to help more people get out of a situation of absolute uncertainty and much suffering.”

42 of Fundación Telefónica, digitalization in a values ​​campus

Fundación Telefónica promotes projects with a digital soul to achieve a fairer and more inclusive society. Believing that digitalization is the key tool for moving forward together towards this future, it aims to promote the inclusive digital development of the whole of society and give people the digital skills they need to achieve their full potential . Through innovative solutions, it responds to three major societal challenges: employability, education and social and digital vulnerability. Campus 42 is a free programming space, open 24 hours a day and 7 a week, where anyone over 18 can train in the most sought-after profiles on the job market. With a philosophy focused on “learning to learn,” it is a space where creativity, effort, self-improvement and teamwork are encouraged. An academy of values.

Carmen Morenés, General Director of Fundación Telefónica, said: “This award recognizes our commitment to promoting digital inclusion through various initiatives focused on training and innovation.” This is the case at 42, much more than a programming campus. 42 is a new way of learning, collaborative and free, where each student decides what to train, at what pace and with whom.”

Sogeviso, socially responsible housing management

Miguel Montes, President of Sogeviso, explained: “Sogeviso has managed to be a benchmark in its field of activity thanks to an innovative strategy focused on the socially responsible transformation of housing in our country, which also includes support, training and job placement programs .” “. He clarified: “We are particularly honored by this recognition, it recognizes the work and enthusiasm of all teams and helps us continue to fulfill our goal of advancing new projects as an example of public-private collaboration.”

In the 14 editions of these awards already presented, Fundación SERES has consolidated the promotion and promotion of social action by companies, becoming a reference in the exchange of good business practices that combine economic progress and social progress of the country.

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