During the early hours of this Thursday, more than one hundred fishermen participating in the fifty-sixth edition of the International White Marlin Fishing Tournament, organized by the Santo Domingo Yacht Club, set sail in the 26 boats registered to go after the team title of the fair

The official departure took place at 7:30 in the morning and the lines were launched into the water half an hour later. It will be at 5:00 PM, when the collection takes place. During the first nine minutes after the lines were dropped, Puerto Rican Rafael Caicedo communicated with control, indicating the first release aboard the Doña Lucy boat.

After the first four hours of the tournament, the fishermen had released 27 white marlin. The second release fell to Wally Heinsen in Moonstruck, while Xavier Quiñónez did the same in Seawhish. Then followed by Fautino García (Fresh Air), Ricardo Quiñónez with his second of the day, Humberto Quintana (Sissu), Juan Colón (Ángela), Jesús Soto (Mi gorda), Jean Carlos Quiñones (Seawish) and Oscar Benite in Freshair, among others. . The event champion will be the team of three anglers with the most points.

In the preliminary data, the “Carabae Team”, made up of fishermen Oscar Benito, Juan Colón and José Dever, from Puerto Rico, had three white marlin released for 900 points. Then came “Los primos” (Godfrey Franco, Ricardo and Xavier Quiñónes) with two releases and “Corrección” (Yadira Olivo, Jean Carlos Quiñónes and Horacio Read), also with two releases.

After the religious blessing by Father Ángel de la Rosa, Commodore Héctor Duval thanked the participating clubs and fishermen, inviting them to observe a minute of silence in memory of Dr. Nelson Mañón Caolo, past-commodore of the club, who recently passed away.

He highlighted the importance for the country of the agreement with the Sport Fishing Championship (SFC), an entity that is broadcasting live for the first time through its You Tube channel and on CBS Sports Network.

“Thanks to everyone and especially to the members of the fishing committee, for the support they have given our club over almost 60 years holding international White Marlin tournaments. This tournament will be coordinated with the Sport Fishing Championship, which gives us the opportunity to continue growing worldwide”, Duval highlighted.

Later, he read the portrait of Don José Barceló Sampol, to whom the event is dedicated in memoriam, and invited his son Jaime, as well as his grandson José, to unveil a plaque and receive a plaque in recognition of the work of Don José.


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