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CAF: here is the amount of social benefits fraud detected in 2021

The Family Allowance Funds continue to strengthen their means against fraud. In 2021, the public body carried out more than 4 million checks (3.9 million on documents and 128,000 on site), which revealed situations of fraud in 1% of cases (43,208 frauds detected), for a total amount of 309 million euros, reports the Caf in its “annual report on the fight against fraud in the family branch”.

The average damage reached 7,162 euros, i.e. 241 euros more than in 2020. According to the figures communicated by the Caf, the RSA remains the most defrauded social allowance with 46% of the offenses observed and 60% of the sums embezzled. Next comes the activity bonus (20.8%) and housing aid (14.5%).

Of the frauds examined, over 11,466 gave rise to a warning, 26,117 to penalties for a total amount of 17.95 million euros (688 euros on average) and 2,357 were prosecuted. “The other suspicions of fraud have been dealt with by the Departmental Council”, notes the Caf.

The increase in the number of offenses compared to 2020 (36,917) is primarily explained by the greater resources allocated to fraud detection. “This does not mean that fraud has increased in the same proportions. This result is due to the progress of Cafs in terms of controls, detection and qualification of fraud”, explains the public body.

Increasingly complex frauds

In recent years, fraud has become more and more complex. In response, the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf) announced in June 2021 the creation of a service to combat high-stakes fraud. The goal: to identify and penalize these organized frauds to best protect the beneficiaries.

In a press release published on his websitethe Caf indicates that thirty controllers were recruited at the start of 2021. Half of them are classic controllers and the others have varied profiles: former Urssaf inspectors, former judicial officers, private detectives, gendarmes, etc. “These controllers have complementary profiles and are distributed throughout the national territory: in Lille, Strasbourg, Melun, Toulon and Bordeaux”, specifies Thomas Desmoulins, director of the Risk management, fight against fraud and litigation tools department at the National Fund. family allowances (Cnaf).

In 2021, the Caf paid out 95.5 billion euros to 16.6 million beneficiaries. 29% of Caisse aid recipients are single-parent families.


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