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Cádiz CF Sergio González has a match ball at Cádiz CF Jesús Carames – November 30, 2023 – 8:00 p.m

The draw against RCD Mallorca means little and Sergio González is still not guaranteed his continuity at the helm of Cádiz CF, which is currently going through a very difficult run of success

Patience with trainers is usually very short. Most people usually get fired at the first opportunity, but that’s not the case with them Sergio González at Cadiz CF. The team, which started the season very well, has completely fallen away in the last few months and is on a very bad run of results. A streak they tried to end last night.

Despite Rubén Alcaraz’s first goal, the three points disappeared and they only managed to add one more to their account. For now it helps them avoid the relegation places, but little by little The Cádiz CF board’s confidence in Sergio González has decreased. And the next game could be crucial for the coach.

Sergio González will decide his future at Cádiz CF on Monday
Sergio González is heavily criticized by fans

Sergio González has his special match point at Cádiz CF

After the draw against Mallorca Cádiz CF have now gone three months without a win in the league. This is a terrible series of results, so fans’ patience is running out. In fact, there has been frequent criticism of the coach in recent weeks, even going so far as to ask the board to fire him.

And more and more fans are calling for Sergio González’s sacking, believing the team needs a change to avoid greater evils. Nevertheless, the board continued to trust him. But next Monday everything could come to an end. Cádiz CF will visit Celta in Vigo in what could be the coach’s last game.

Celta, a direct relegation rival

Despite the high expectations at the start of the season, Celta has become a direct competitor in the fight to stay. That’s why the meeting between the two teams is much more important than many people think. Not only for the coach’s future, but also because whoever wins will deal a double blow to his rival.

If Celta wins, both teams will be level in the table. But if the Cádiz team wins, the lead will increase to six points. That’s why next Monday’s game may be worth half a savings. Now we just have to wait and see How Sergio González copes with this match point at Cádiz CFbecause visiting Vigo won’t be that easy.

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