Cádiz CF rescues interest in striker to retire Negredo

The yellow sports management is focusing all its efforts on the arrival of a new attacking footballer who will contribute enough goals to achieve salvation

Staying in the Santander League is the great objective of the Cádiz team this season. However, after the departure of Lucas Pérez, this objective has been complicated. Not only because they have lost the team’s top scorer this year, but because those who have arrived, Diarra and Parra, do not seem enough for the moment. Likewise, fans of Cadiz CF They also do not fully trust what it can contribute at this time Negredo.

At 37 years old, the Madrid footballer is no longer that decisive footballer in the rival area. Despite his great performance in the yellow team, everything indicates that his stage in Nuevo Mirandilla is coming to an end. But for the moment the Cadiz CF does not have any footballer who can replace the goalscoring ability of Negredo. Something that the board is working on.

Álvaro Negredo is not the forward that the yellow club needs to achieve salvation

Cádiz CF is looking for a striker to compete with Negredo

At the moment, the only center forward that the yellow team has, apart from Negredo, is Lozano. But neither of the two options convinces the club or the coaching staff. Especially for a team that is very short of a goal and that needs it to achieve salvation. That is why they need to move in the market.

For the moment, all Cádiz CF’s efforts are focused on the signing of Luis Alberto. However, despite their goalscoring ability, the club considers that they need more reinforcements for the attack. And they have reactivated interest in a footballer for whom they were already interested last summer but that he did not end up wearing yellow.

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The striker who returns to the radar of Cádiz CF

This striker is none other than Loren Morón, who last summer was one of the footballers who came closest to leaving the Real Betis. Despite the interest of teams from the Santander League and the SmartBank League, he finally remained under the orders of Pellegrini with the aim of competing for ownership. But so far this season he has only played 13 minutes.

His situation is not going to change in the remainder of the season and everything indicates that he will disassociate himself from the club. Cádiz CF is following in his footsteps, as they see him as a good competitor for Negredo and Lozano. But he is not the only footballer they want for the forward. And it is that the sports management also wants to sign a second center forward to ensure that Sergio González has enough options to achieve salvation.

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