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Cádiz CF have 24 days to sign Maxi Gómez in Peñarol

Having no chance in the Cádiz team, the Uruguayan striker begins to prepare to return to his country for the same winter market, where he has not yet finished in this league.

There have been three departures from Cádiz CF, but none of them involving the name of Maxi Gómez, although there is still the possibility for him to move to Peñarol. And the market in CONMEBOL is still open and in the case of Uruguay it will remain open until April 26th. So that The sports management around Enrique Ortiz has work to do.

There were several attempts that Cádiz made on this market Deorbit Maxi Gómez. But the player’s salary demands prevented any transfer attempt. Even though the Cadiz club offered to pay part of his transfer fee if the striker went on loan, the Uruguayan’s entourage was responsible for finalizing the negotiations.

EGD Cadiz
Maxi Gómez would return to the Uruguayan league after seven years.

Open negotiations between Cádiz and Peñarol by Maxi Gómez

From today until the 26th of this month, the Cadista team has a deadline to accommodate the Uruguayan striker in the Carbonero club. Of course, there are expectations of the operation in Uruguay, given that this is an elite footballer who has played for other teams such as RC Celta, Valencia and Trabzonspor.

But the negotiations will not be easy at all and all for financial reasons that the player does not consider appropriate. Although the Cádiz team will pay part of the salary if they manage to reach a transfer agreement, the Uruguayan club does not want to spend heavily on their player. Without a doubt, it will be a long day of dialogue.

Plan B for Cádiz if they fail to send Maxi Gómez to Peñarol

It must be remembered that the player is not the property of the yellow team, but of Trabzonspor of Turkey, where he has a contract until June 30, 2025. However, there is a purchase option that the Cadista club does not consider viable as the South American striker’s adaptation to Nuevo Mirandilla did not go as expected.

In this way, the general and sports management of Cádiz CF is considering the idea of ​​ending Maxi Gómez’s loan and bringing him back to Turkey. This means that Peñarol must negotiate directly with the Ottoman club within 24 days. Although it is most likely that the Cádiz team will be responsible for the return trip to Uruguay.

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