The winger will not renew his contract, as is the case with Álex Fernández

The Salvi Sánchez’s future at Cádiz CF seems increasingly complicated. After passing through Second B, Second Division and getting promoted to First, the footballer wants to try a new challenge. That is why he has decided not to accept the proposals of the yellow club to try his luck in another team.

A situation similar to that of Alex FernandezWho else he has knocked down all the renewal offers that he has sent to the club. In his case, Real Betis was the clear favorite to secure his signing, but the situation has become more complicated in recent weeks, as they have other goals.

Cadiz Salvi
Diego Láinez slips into Cádiz CF’s radar

Salvi Sánchez is clear about his next team

However, and although at first it seemed to be the other way around, the one who is now clear about his next team is Salvi Sánchez. The winger has been linked to several teams in recent months, but the favorite to sign him at the moment is Rayo Vallecano.

In this way, Salvi Sánchez will meet again with Álvaro García at the Madrid club. A duo that did the wonders of Ramón de Carranza several years ago and that maintains a good relationship. However, it will not be until the opening of the market when this operation is completed.

Cádiz CF is looking for substitutes for Salvi Sánchez

Likewise, the yellow club is tracking the market in search of an unbalanced footballer on the right wing to replace Salvi Sánchez. And it seems that they have already found a player at Real Betis who has hardly had a leading role this season under Pellegrini.

That footballer is none other than Diego Láinez, who except for surprise will leave the Verdiblanco club this summer. Club to which he arrived as a young surprise, but in which he has not been able to show his full potential. Now, he could take another leap to have minutes on the pitch.


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