Cádiz CF catches horn after signing Ali Cho for Real Sociedad

Cádiz CF catches horn after signing Ali Cho for Real Sociedad

The Andalusian team is positioned to bid for one of the strikers of the txuri urdin team

The Real society has given a blow of effect with the signing of Mohamed-Ali Cho. An operation that could lead to the departure of a striker who has shown a very high level in the Santander League and that he is on the radar of several major teams. One of those teams is Cadiz CF with whom there are excellent relations.

We are talking about a Carlos Fernández who needs minutes at the highest level to finish recovering from a serious injury that has kept him away from the pitch. That’s why they come the option of Cádiz CF as the ideal one for the player, which at the moment has not made any decision regarding its future. However, he does not want to spend another season on the bench.

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Carlos Fernández will leave Real Sociedad in search of minutes

Ali Cho is already a reality at Real Sociedad

As we have known in the last few hours, Real Sociedad has closed the signing of Mohamed-Ali Cho. The 18-year-old French striker has stood out in the ranks of SCO Angers, in Ligue 1. With his arrival, there are three high-level strikers: Isak, Carlos Fernández and Mohamed-Ali Cho himself.

In the case of the Swedish striker, his continuity is not yet ruled out, as Real Sociedad asks for a significant amount for his transfer. That is why he has options to continue in the team next year, which would close the door again for Carlos Fernández, who will have to find a way out after not having been able to enjoy the pitch this season due to a knee injury. knee.

Carlos Fernández, the signing that Cádiz CF is pursuing

Cádiz CF could be one of the options for the 26-year-old striker, who performed at a high level with Granada CF two seasons ago. Since then, and after a serious knee injury, he has barely had opportunities on the pitch and will look for a way out to feel like a footballer again. And in a club close to his homeland, Sevilla, he could find the perfect opportunity.

For its part, Cádiz CF knows that it will have to sign a striker for next year, especially if they end up losing Lucas Pérez, who seems set to leave, and Choco Lozano, who has proposals on the table. Also, Negredo has lowered his level this season, so they will look for a new guarantee forward to take the starting position in Sergio González’s team.


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