Cádiz CF can solve Monchi’s awkwardness with Januzaj

Monchi’s management has left a lot to be desired in recent years, with Januzaj being one of the main issues he left unresolved after leaving Sevilla FC

No one doubts that Monchi did a great job at Seville but the mouthful is wrong. The problem is that mistakes have multiplied in recent seasons and many of them have blocked the club. One of those problems is Januzaj, who joined Sevilla FC last summer and could now move to Cadiz after barely playing games.

This situation led to the last winter market being moved to Turkey’s Basaksehir, where there was a larger turnout. But this summer he returned to the Seville club and the new management is struggling to find a way out. However, in the last few hours, the situation has taken an unexpected turn, as Sevilla FC received a call from a club asking about Januzaj.

Sevilla FC want Januzaj out
Januzaj is interested in a LaLiga club

Cadiz CF ask for Januzaj

As we recently learned Januzaj could continue in LaLiga. And despite his disappointing last season, the player continues to enjoy a great performance in the Spanish league thanks to his good years at Real Sociedad. Because of this, teams from the lower zone of the rating have now come knocking on his door.

On this occasion, The team interested in Januzaj is Cadiz CF. The Cádiz side, who have a good relationship with the Sevilla player due to Manuel Vizcaíno’s presidency, would have contacted Sevilla FC to inquire about the Belgian footballer. A footballer who could play in the yellow team next season.

Easy bank transfer, salary split

Nevertheless, Cádiz CF’s terms to sign Januzaj They’re not the ones who like Sevilla FC the most. And it is that the Sevilla team hoped to get rid of the footballer completely or loan him out but not pay him part of his salary. However, the yellow team offers a simple transfer and release of the player file.

Be it as it may Sevilla FC doesn’t have many better suggestions for letting Januzaj out. Thus, everything indicates that the Sevilla sports directorate will have to give in to authorize the departure of one of them the problems that Monchi left behind at the club and that they result in the new sports director not being able to operate freely on the transfer market.

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