Cádiz approved and suspended: rotations punish again

1. Conan Ledesma. The Cádiz goalkeeper did not have an easy game. In the first goal of Rayo, the work of Álvaro García, the defense fails and finally he is left with all the responsibility and nothing else to do. In the second goal, from Falcao, the Colombian wins the game by cheating him to finish off when Ledesma is already on the ground. There he might have been able to do something else, but with a forward like Falcao in front of him it is very difficult. In 53 ‘he made a great save that would have been the sentence for the yellows. In 87 ‘the third goal came from Vallecano, but it was an impossible shot to stop.

15. Carlos Akapo. It did not have much prominence because Rayo’s attacks focused on the left wing. He fulfilled when he had the chance and combined well with Álvaro Jiménez in the second half. Replaced in 76 ‘by Alberto Perea.

5. Haroyan. Author of the Cadista goal in minute 22. Good reward for a footballer who works in the shadows and who is performing at a good level. He had the chance to score another goal in the final stretch of the game. He saw the yellow card in the 48th minute for a foul on Trejo.

16. Juan Cala. He returned to ownership after serving a sanction for seeing the double warning against Real. The center-back fails in the first goal, leaving all the advantage for Rayo. It still cannot find its best version and it takes its toll on Cádiz. He had a chance to score in the 75th minute. He saw the yellow card at 55 ‘.

22. ‘Pacha’ Espino. The side arrived with a significant overload of minutes in his legs after two games of maximum demands against Celta and Barça. From less to more. The machinery had to say this far we have come. He looked tired and did not arrive as easily as usual. Isi drove him crazy. In the second half he improved and was even able to score 2-2.

7. Salvi. Sacrifice in defense and trying to contribute in attack. He put up interesting centers in the second half, when Cádiz managed to take control of the game for several minutes.

2. Jens Jonsson. His was the assist for ‘Vato’ Haroyan. The Dane received the ball inside the area after Tomás Alarcón’s free-kick and did not think about it. An assist that will help the midfielder to recover his level after the injury he had in preseason. He was replaced at halftime by Rubén Sobrino.

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30. Álvaro Bastida. The midfielder faced another great challenge in the starting position and this time he was slightly more nervous and left many doubts with the ball. The best news is that they continue to give opportunities to young homegrown players. He saw the yellow card in the 45th minute.

12. Tomás AlarcónGood game for the midfielder who acted at times as a midfielder and at times as a third center-back. He took the free kick that ended with the only Cadista goal. At the end of the game he found himself alone in the center of the field.

19. Arzamendia. He only had 45 minutes. It was not good, like ‘Pacha’ and the left wing was leaking everywhere. It was necessary to reinforce that area of ​​the field with someone who would defend and could also contribute a center, at least in theory, and the chosen one was Álvaro Jiménez at half-time so that Salvi would occupy the far left.

17. Florin Andone. The minutes he was on the field disappeared. Cádiz did not generate many chances in the first half either, but it still does not show that it deserves a place in Cervera’s eleven.

From the bench.

11. Álvaro Jiménez. He jumped onto the pitch before starting the second half, replacing Arzamendia. Good center for ‘Pacha’ in the 75 ‘who had the goal very close.

21. Rubén Sobrino. He also entered the break for Jens Jonsson in search of more depth and face on goal. Isi escaped in the center of the field and the Rayo footballer does not forgive.

9. ‘Choco’ Lozano. He entered in the 66th minute to replace Álvaro Bastida. He tried to generate more in front of goal, but the game was already very complicated and Rayo kept pressing.

18. Álvaro Negredo. He replaced a lost Florin Andone in the 66th minute. She had a good chance in the last few minutes that she narrowly missed the mark.

10. Alberto Perea. It was the last change, in 76 ‘by Carlos Akapo, in search of his magic to unblock the match, but he did not succeed. The Perea who solved parties is not there. He saw the yellow card on 92 ‘.

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