Home Business Caddy: Bercy announces an exceptional public loan “of several hundred thousand euros”

Caddy: Bercy announces an exceptional public loan “of several hundred thousand euros”

Caddy: Bercy announces an exceptional public loan

The Alsatian company Caddie, in receivership, will receive an exceptional public loan “of several hundred thousand euros” in order in particular to “cover the salaries” of the 140 employees during the observation period, AFP learned on Tuesday. January 25 from Bercy and from a union source. During a situation update with the trade unions and the Grand Est Region, “we announced on the side of the State exceptional support” of “several hundred thousand euros” in the form of a loan paid ” in the very next few days”, we indicated to the Ministry of the Economy, without specifying the amount of the loan.

According to the CFTC secretary of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) of Caddy, Luc Strohmenger, it is a loan of “400,000 euros” granted “half” by the State and by the Region. “It’s a big relief, it makes it possible to pay January wages and continue production,” he told AFP. According to him, the Caddy unions were received by an adviser from the Elysee Palace during Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Strasbourg last Wednesday.

“We asked for help because, given the little money available, we could not have held the observation period,” explained Mr. Strohmenger. “The idea is that the company can pay the minimum expenses”: salaries, electricity bills, gas …, we said to the ministry, welcoming “the spirit of responsibility” employees in a “very tense situation”.

Based in Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin), Caddy, whose name has become the symbol of supermarket trolleys, was placed on January 5 in receivership by the commercial chamber of the Saverne court, which left until February 22 to the company to find a buyer. “There are great difficulties today in paying the bills, given the conditions of the bankruptcy filing, the cash flow was extremely low”, we added to Bercy, who works “in conjunction with the agency regional development” to find a buyer.

According to Mr. Strohmenger, no firm offer has yet been filed but the site is the subject of many visits. “There is strong support from the state in this file”, we insisted with Bercy, recalling that Caddy had benefited in March 2021 from a “subsidized loan from the state (…) from 4 million euros”.

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