The cabinet once again calls on all Dutch people to really adhere to all measures in the coming week. The rising infection figures make this necessary, said outgoing Prime Minister Rutte after consultations with ministers about the corona situation. He emphasized that the pressure on healthcare is increasing. “A change is needed.”

The cabinet wants to reconsider on 3 December whether additional measures are necessary. If people do not adhere better to the measures, it seems inevitable that additional measures will be introduced, and that this will happen earlier than on December 3.

Whether the measures that have been in force since November 13 have enough effect will only really be seen at the end of this week. But Rutte already wants to call on everyone to really stick to the measures such as keeping one and a half meters away, testing for complaints, working from home and having a maximum of four people visit.

Lockdown-like measures

When asked what measures the cabinet is holding back, Minister De Jonge answered that these are “lockdown-like” measures. De Jonge called the daily hospital admissions alarming, but according to him we are still “very far away” from code black. And just deciding on a lockdown is drastic, he said. Rutte also said that the effects of a lockdown are “gigantic” for “the economy” and our young people”.

When asked whether experts who advocate a quick and hard lockdown are exaggerating, Rutte said that the cabinet always bases itself on experts. This is often discussed, again this morning, Rutte emphasized.

According to Rutte, strong leadership is not about if “everyone in talk shows says you have to take measures, you take extra measures”. He stated that the cabinet monitors exactly how things are going in hospitals. The cabinet does not rule out the possibility that measures can be taken later this week or the week after.

The outgoing prime minister also sees that the Netherlands is not really leading the way in complying with measures in Europe. According to Rutte, things are going much better in Scandinavia.

Normally, the ministers speak to journalists outside after the corona consultation on Monday. To underline the urgency, Rutte and De Jonge issued a statement this time to the assembled press, inside the Ministry of General Affairs.


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