The cabinet has held discussions at the Catshuis about the corona measures. The most involved ministers consulted with their regular advisers about how to proceed.

The current lockdown will run until tomorrow, and there is pressure from many sides to relax the measures. It is often pointed out that the number of hospital admissions appears to be not too bad.

More opportunities for entrepreneurs

Several retailers have already announced that they will open anyway and a number of municipalities have said they will not act against it. More and more voices are also being voiced in the House of Representatives to accommodate entrepreneurs.

The ruling party CDA finds the current rules for entrepreneurs “unsustainable” and coalition partner D66 wants the cabinet to look at how entrepreneurs can open safely. The VVD also believes that something really needs to be done for entrepreneurs and that the cabinet should take the calls from those circles and from municipalities seriously.

There are also calls for relaxation in other sectors. For example, many want physical education to be allowed again at universities and colleges and in vocational education and that more is also possible in sports.


The cabinet has asked the Outbreak Management Team for advice on what should be done. One of the questions was whether anything should change about the quarantine rules, which are experienced by many as too restrictive.

The new Minister of Health Kuipers did not want to anticipate the decisions this week, also because he said he really did not know yet. He emphasized that many corona patients are in hospital in other European countries. It is the first time that Kuipers participates in the Catshuisberaad as a minister. He had been a participant before, but as a hospital administrator.

After the deliberations at the Catshuis, there are several other consultations. For example, there is a meeting of the mayors tonight and tomorrow the cabinet will take the plunge. Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Kuipers will give a press conference tomorrow evening.


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