Home Sports CA Osasuna points to River Plate to sign David García’s replacement

CA Osasuna points to River Plate to sign David García’s replacement

The 27-year-old defender is experiencing his best season individually and collectively

David garcia has become one of the great surprises of the Santander League, as it is performing at a stellar level at CA Osasuna. A situation that has caused large European teams to be interested in their situation in the face of the next transfer market, which will begin on January 3.

CA Osasuna does not have the slightest intention of selling David García, but an exorbitant offer could change the plans of the team and the player himself. A player who has already been tested by some of the most important teams in the Santander League.

Osasuna David Garcia
A great offer could remove David García from CA Osasuna

David García could leave CA Osasuna

As we have learned in recent days, Atlético de Madrid’s defensive problems have caused the team to look at the transfer market. A market in which they have set their eyes on David García, who would be a not very expensive option for the club.

Currently, Transfermarkt rates the footballer at 7.5 million euros. A price to which must be added his recent renewal, since he extended his link with the rojillo club until 2026. Something that greatly complicates his departure from CA Osasuna in the January market.

A defender of River Plate, on the list of CA Osasuna

However, and although his departure is very complicated, the Navarrese club is covering its back. For this they have tested a Chilean footballer from River Plate who is more than ready to make the leap to Europe. It is about Paulo Díaz, a 27-year-old defender.

The player has a market value of 7 million euros according to Transfermarkt, but his contract expires next June. Something that makes the operation much cheaper. Of course, CA Osasuna is not the only team that follows the player, as several European teams are in his footsteps.

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