ByteDance, owner of TikTok, is “secretly” launching four generative AI applications

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, would have started “secretly”. four new generative AI applications based on the OpenAI model, Forbes published. Specifically, that’s how it is Cici AI, coze, ChitChop And Bagel Bellfour new tools that would have been released for users outside of China to benefit from.

At the moment, Only Coze is available in the US and for now None of these are available for download in the European Union. At this point, the aforementioned media outlets have stated that it is common for large tech companies to first test their products in smaller markets and with less regulatory scrutiny before expanding into the US and EU. However, these applications, which would have been launched in the last three months, have already been released Collect millions of downloads.

Seemingly, Cici AI, ChitChop and Coze are bot creation platforms that allow users to create and share their own chatbots, while BagelBell generates the plot and text of fictional stories that change depending on readers’ choices.

The most surprising thing about these tools is that they were not developed based on a large language model created by ByteDance, but rather They are based on OpenAI’s GPT technology. As he assured the American media Jodi Seth, ByteDante speakerhave accessed this AI model via a Microsoft Azure license.

At this point, from Forbes have pointed this out The new applications’ websites and their terms of use do not mention that they were created by ByteDance. Three of them are owned by Spring (SG) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of ByteDance, and the fourth is managed by Poligon Pte. Managed, another subsidiary that has published erotic novels and online video games in the past.

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Cici and ChitChop focus primarily on entertainment and offer bots based on fictional characters and romantic partners, while Coze provides bots aimed at simplifying workplace tasks. Cici is the most popular so far with more than 10 million downloadsaccording to Google Play Store.

Regarding the plans that ByteDance has for these applications, jodi Seth said that “They are still in the testing phase» and has refused to reveal any further details about it.

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