By taking 33 runs in the 19th these batsmen won the team, check out this amazing feat.

A great feat happened in the Tamil Nadu Premier League Qualifier-2 that is being played these days. In the match, in the 19th of the second inning, the batsmen played an important role in the team’s victory by scoring 33 runs. The teams of Dindigul Dragons and Nellai Royal Kings met in Qualifier-2 of the tournament. Nellai Royal Kings batsmen Hrithik Easwaran and Ajitesh Guruswamy did wonders for the team in the 19th.

Both batsmen together took a total of 33 runs in the 19th. Chasing 186 runs, Nellai Royal Kings needed 37 runs in 2 overs ie 12 balls and Hrithik Easwaran and Ajitesh Guruswamy were batting for the team. Hrithik Easwaran hit a brilliant six off the first ball of G Kishore who came to bowl the 19th from the opposing team i.e. Dindigul Dragons.

Easwaran was not stopped by hitting a six, he completed the hat-trick by hitting 3 sixes from three balls. Then Easwaran singled on the fourth ball and Ajitesh Guruswamy reached for the strike. Guruswamy, facing the first ball of the over, hit a brilliant six. The next ball was a void ball and a run came. Hrithik Easwaran, who reached for strike again, hit a big six on the last, free ball of the over.

In this way, Hrithik Easwaran and Ajitesh Guruswamy took 33 runs in the 19th. After this, the team needed just 4 runs to win in the last over. Batsman Hrithik Easwaran finished the match with a six. During this, Ajitesh Guruswamy scored 73* runs off 44 balls with the help of 5 fours and 5 sixes. At the same time, Hrithik Easwaran played a blistering innings of 39* runs off 11 balls aided by 6 sixes.

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Nellai Royal Kings won the toss and chose to enter the match. The Dindigul Dragons side came out to bat and put 185 runs on the board for 5 wickets in 20 overs. Chasing down the runs, Nellai Royal Kings hit the target of 3 wickets in 20 overs.

Dindigul Dragons vs Nellai Royal Kings )Tamil Nadu Premier League 2023

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