By a national basketball commissioner

The successful comeback year for local basketball in 2021, after a nearly inactive 2020, was sadly marred by a couple of incidents involving prominent national team players.

After developing with an organizational level that bordered on excellence, on the last date of the La Romana and La Vega tournaments, once again the specter of violence came out to scare lovers of the sport of the hoop and ball.

Although it is true that basketball itself cannot be attributed to being the cause of these attitudes, the truth is that the necessary measures must be taken so that these actions that spoil the show are not so recurrent, put the lives of innocents and innocents at risk. They give a breeding ground to the gratuitous enemies that this sport has always had.

Perhaps it is necessary to ask for help and advice in this regard to the friend César Saint Hilaire, who leads the group that heads the organization of the Santiago Rodríguez superior tournament, a true example of urban planning and good customs, despite the close competition that year after year is recorded in that fair.

In any case, the Dominican Basketball Federation (Fedombal) must have a mechanism that allows it to closely supervise tournaments from the National League until it is organized in the most distant municipality of the country.

One idea would be to have a kind of “commissioner”, a person close to basketball, a former player or former coach or it could be a member of the public prosecutor’s office or someone recognized and respected in any area of ​​knowledge and who takes the responsibility of being an observer (as in the elections of the countries), but be proactive and have the power to make suggestions to the organizers, who sometimes by being very busy overlook small things that can become big.

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The Fedombal must also impose a regime of consequences. Suspensions, fines, penalties, etc. We remember what happened with Felipe López in Santiago. If he did not receive any sanction, now there is no moral quality to do it with Víctor Liz or Miguel Esquea in La Vega or with Brandone Francis or Juan Pablo Montás in La Romana.


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