Bust defeats Bou

usually win Toni Bou in the trial and when he doesn’t, the lack of habit makes the word surprise come out. As it happened in Austria. The indoor season began in Barcelona with a triumph of ‘The Emperor’ over Gabriel Marcelli and Jaime Bust. And as a favorite he appeared in Austria the one of Pierafor the second round of the X-Trial that… took Bust with the GasGas. And that the Basque did not start in the best way, fourth in the first round behind Bou, gelabert and Marcelli. But in a handkerchief with Bincaz, Ragafrom less to more to finish on the podium, Mempör and Toby Martin. Between Busto and the British, a meager five points difference for round 2. In the second pass the champion dominated again, Busto improved and rebuilt Ragawhich defined a final from which he was left out Marcelli by the minimum, tied on points with TRRS.

Thus, the Austrian X-Trials it was decided between three regulars. He started by opening his locker Raga at the first hurdle with a point. Busto and Bou passed clean through there but the latter added a fiasco in S2 that put 5 points in his backpack and led him to close the classification, which was led by GasGas with 1 point for Raga’s 2. The champion had little margin for error, like a Raga who added another 5 at the equator. Bust was still firm, to his own with victory closer. And it was in the fourth step where almost everything was ready: Busto and Raga failed, a two-point penalty, but Bou did more, with a fiasco that left Montesa last with ten points, TTRS second with nine and the GasGas, leader with three.

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The fifth sector gave victory to Busto, who went to the last one without pressure. He failed there, but already as a winner. Raga also made a mistake, because if he hadn’t done it he could have finished second. But the silver went to the champion who, despite the defeat, remains at the head of the World Cup. Next appointment, on March 25 in Pamplona, ​​where the X-Trial arrives tight with that of the repsol honda and the one of GasGas in five points. In a mistake. There is a championship.


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