Busquets lengthens the suspense

Optimism with the renewal of Sergio Busquets it goes up and down at the speed of the impulses transmitted by the equipment. after the three classics that the Catalans won consecutively, their continuity began to be taken almost for granted. However, the 0-4 loss last Wednesday reopened old wounds that seemed healed. The performance of the captain, who had a discreet game, was once again called into question by critics. The rhythm of some big nights surpasses Busquets and that is underlined by critics and received by the fans, who understand that the captain has earned the right to decide his future, but who have doubts about his level in super elite matches.

Busquets, who has an offer on the table for a fixed year and an optional one, did not want to extend his decision beyond the month of April. But now that remains to be seen. Xavi was enigmatic yesterday. For a moment, his words sounded dismissive: “Busi is essential. A mirror. Not only in football, but the ancestry he has in the dressing room. I want it to continue, but I understand perfectly. I also doubted. It’s hard, but I’ll urge you to continue…”. In the next few days there will be a new meeting between the player’s agentJosep Maria Orobitgand mateu alemany. However, it does not seem that the continuity of Busquets is only about money. Not even the possible return of Messi. It is a matter of sensations. The captain has an attractive offer of USAdue to destiny, and another dizzying one, due to economics, Saudi Arabia.

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