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Busquets Ferrer: “Mateu and Del Cerro are two mirrors in which to look at myself”

Busquets Ferrer:

First Division has new referees. One of them is Mateo Busquets Ferrer (Palma de Mallorca, 1993), who after a fleeting stint in the Second Division, just one season, has climbed to the top of Spanish football. After hearing the news, he spoke with AS to take stock of his meteoric career and what he has ahead of him.

How did you receive the news of your promotion to the First Division?

I received it with great joy. The president, Luis Medina, called me at noon. He broke the news to me and I was overwhelmed with so many feelings that I’m still ordering.

It has been a very fast ascent. Last year he made his debut in the Second Division.

Everything has happened very fast. I spent four years in Segunda B and one in the First Federation. This year everything has gone by very fast. In the Second Division we whistled more times than in the First Federation and the truth is that everything has gone well. I started by getting it right and when things go well for you, they happen quickly. I’m very happy.

How do you rate your first year?

The change from non-professional to professional football was quite noticeable at the beginning. I had never used VAR before, it was new to me and I tried to adapt to it as quickly as possible. When you believe that things are going well for you, you enter a wave of successes and positive inertia.

Now it’s his turn to whistle before the big teams and the best footballers. Is there one that interests you or you have more desire?

I haven’t given it much thought or thought yet. Obviously, when one starts refereeing he has that dream of reaching the highest category. I am very happy to have achieved it and I will have time to prepare myself to have good performances. Being my first year, I am going to take any stadium or team with the utmost enthusiasm and wanting to do my best.

Why did you decide to be a referee?

I played soccer for my neighborhood team, one day I didn’t have a good performance and my father told me half jokingly, half seriously ‘hey, become a referee’. That was a Saturday and the same Monday it started I signed up with my uncle. He had always caught my attention and when I started he got the bug. Right now, besides being my job, it’s my passion.

What kind of referee is he?

I’m not much of adjectives. My duty as a professional in this is to be versatile. You have to adapt to the game as quickly as possible. I don’t think he has a very defined profile. It depends on the game, the play and the player. You have to use psychology to understand what that moment and that player requires. You have to adapt to the situation to give the best response.

They have gone Matthew and Del Cerro. What do you think of them?

They are two absolute references. When I started, they were already in First Division. I have grown with them and I have tried to nourish myself as much as possible. They are two figures who have been very important to us. They are two mirrors in which to look at myself.

What are your goals?

First thing, settle down as quickly as possible. Try to live up to Primera and then you’ll see. I want to give my best version.

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