Busquets-De Jong, the double pivot formula works

Sergio Busquets was the player of barca who completed the most passes in the last third of the field against the Real society, up to 30. And it is true that the txuri-udin did not spend fifty minutes with one less player. But it may not be a coincidence. The presence of Frenkie de Jong in the double pivot with the captain frees him from certain responsibilities. at the time, Dejong he also did his thing. after the same Busy Y dembele (24), he was the third player with the most correct passes in that last third of the field (23). The two put together almost 200 passes (77 made Dejong104 Busquets) with almost 94% accuracy.

The barca of the midfielders is an apparently more reliable team than that of the wingers and, in addition, different drawings are also allowed. You can alternate the double pivot to put Pedri and Gavi in ​​the midfielder line next to dembele behind of Lewandowski; or use the classic interiors with the canary or the Andalusian acting as a false winger.

The performance of Busquets In the double pivot he demystifies that mantra that he must play as the only pivot. Already during his career, Busquets he has felt comfortable with bodyguards by his side. In the Selection, he was a wall with Xabi Alonso in the Spain of Forest. And in the 2017-18 season, he formed a fantastic couple with the barca who won the double league and Cup beside Ivan Rakitic. Now, on the way to 35 years, protect Busquets it may be the best way to allow you to perform at high altitude. Against RealHe made a great match. A DejongIn addition, the double pivot does not surprise him either. In the year of his explosion in the ajaxplayed at a high level with Schonewith freedom to appear for many phases of the field. Xavi He emphasized last Tuesday that they give the Dutchman that freedom. With four midfielders, he finds it even easier.

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