The businessman Francisco Pollock (Don Paco), owner of the Dollys product factory, died this Thursday. He was 86 years old.

Pollock dedicated his entire working life to serving the flour industry, a job he began when he emigrated from Puerto Rico with his family to Santo Domingo in 1972. Since then he has worked hard for the development and growth of the sector.

He was one of the founders of the Union of Medium and Small Flour Industrialists, UMPIH, an institution that was initially installed in a bakery he owned, which served as an administrative and operational office. After 34 years of its creation, the Umpih continues to defend the rights of the sector.

In 1991 he was part of the founding team of the Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Procesadoras de la Harina, COOPROHARINA, and his participation was of great support for the survival of the sector.

As an entrepreneur, Francisco Pollock was characterized by his innovation and the use of a model of diversification in the market, it was with this concept that he created Panificadora Moderna, a company in the flour sector that is defined by the quality of its products and its variety. , as is the case of Dollys products in their different presentations and varieties.

Today, his family, friends, relatives and employees mourn his loss, highlighting the legacy he left, after defining him as a servant full of virtues and always willing to collaborate in social causes.


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