Bus Driver Assaulted: Unprovoked Attack by Passanger Sparked by Racial Insult

Bus Driver Attacked in Leap, Uruguay

A municipal bus driver was subjected to a violent attack by a passenger in the town of Leap, Uruguay. The incident occurred on Tuesday at approximately 5:10 p.m. at the Agraciada and Blandengues bus stop.

Driver Confronted by Passenger

The attack began when the passenger boarded the bus and confronted the driver over an alleged poor driving maneuver. The driver, a woman, was insulted by the passenger after she questioned his behavior. In response, the passenger began hitting her, according to reports filed with the Salto City Hall.

Municipality Expresses Concern

Gustavo Chiriff, general secretary of the municipality, expressed concern over the incident, noting that it is not the first time an official has been subjected to violence. "What worries us are these acts against the public service. The officials are fulfilling a duty and many times the intolerance of the people leads to these acts," he said.

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