Bunbury breaks his retirement and will return to the stage in 2024

Enrique Bunbury will break his retirement from the stage to offer ten concerts until 2024, five at the end of this year and another five in the summer of next year, as announced in an interview with EFE for the publication this Friday of his album “Greta Garbo”. .

The Franco-Mexican Adán Jodorowsky produces the new album by the Spanish artist, who has developed a good part of his career in America, where he lives in Los Angeles (United States).

The formula of a few concerts appeals to me much more than a tour, which is discarded. We are going to prepare five concerts for the end of this year and five for the summer of 24, in different cities and countries”, he declares.

It was at the beginning of 2022, in the middle of the “tour” of his 35th anniversary in music, when Bunbury (Zaragoza, 1967) He began to suffer from a whooping cough that prevented him from sleeping.

It was the first of several symptoms (caused, as he later learned, by a chemical element in the smoke from the “shows”) that led him to move away from the stage and focus his activity solely on the recording section.

QUESTION: To what extent has Greta Garbo been a true inspirational muse for these songs, beyond the title?

ANSWER: His attitude towards his abandonment of acting was circulating during the composition of the album. Many of the songs were written in that period when everything was faltering and I had to cancel all my commitments. Leaving, saying goodbye, starting a new chapter of your life, is an important part of this record.

Q: What phases have you gone through in this process: disbelief, anger…?

A: Yes, and also hope for a new horizon. Writing, painting, continuing to compose… I realized that it was really what I most wanted at this stage of life. I have toured extensively and played in the best and worst stages imaginable, yet the creative process is still the engine of my life.

Q: Could the symptoms you suffered also have a psychological cause?

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A: I think it was more that the psychological was a consequence of what was happening to me. The frustration of facing difficulties every day on tour obviously burned me. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it.

Q: Have you come to fully accept that relinquishment of scenarios or at least break even?

A: I’ve gotten to the point of not thinking about touring. I don’t want to commit to anything that involves such long-term planning. I prefer to think about making records and writing material for myself and others.

Q: Why did you choose Adán Jodorowsky as producer?

A: I talked to him a long time ago about putting myself in his hands, but I am used to being the producer of my albums. When everything came to a standstill I thought it was the right time for someone else to offer their point of view on my music. Adán recorded very interesting solo albums and has produced albums by León Larregui and Natalia Lafourcade -both Mexican- that I loved. His ability to understand the musician and take him to an interesting place, without the baroque, fascinates me.

Q: One of the songs is called “To be unforgettable”.

In general, there is a yearning in almost all artists to forge an indelible legacy the day they retire, especially in times like the one he has just experienced. What are you most proud of in your career?

A: I’m not one to look back. I make records because it’s my way of life. I like to lock myself in my studio and write songs and try with each album to show a new perspective of my personality. I am honored to have recorded albums and songs that have touched the hearts of such diverse audiences in Europe and America.

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