Bullrich Joins Search for Loan, Leaving No Stone Unturned: “All Theories Remain on the Table”

Security Minister Joins Investigation into Mysterious Disappearance of 5-Year-Old Boy

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich arrived at the scene of a police operation at the home of Loan Peña’s grandmother on Sunday, accompanied by federal judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo, who is leading the case.

Minister Provides Update on Investigation

Through her official account, Bullrich wrote: "I am on 9 de Julio, Corrientes, to accompany federal judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo and the Federal Forces in the investigation and searches to find Loan. No hypothesis ruled out. All our efforts have been put here."

New Developments in Investigation

Federal Judge Cristina Pozzer Penzo has ordered the investigation of the van of Carlos Pérez and María Victoria Caillava to focus on the front of the vehicle, following Laudelina Peña’s statement that the five-year-old boy was run over by the couple. Additionally, authorities will check if the truck has a built-in geolocation GPS to establish the route it took.

Family Reacts to New Developments

Loan’s brother, José, expressed skepticism about Laudelina Peña’s statement, saying that his aunt did not tell them anything about what she declared before the provincial Justice hours later. "If she wanted to testify: why did she wait so long? I don’t explain it, it’s all very strange," the young man emphasized.

Police Operation Continues

Loan’s father and brothers arrived at grandmother Catalina’s house, where a large police operation has been underway for days, following Laudelina Peña’s statements. The operations are being carried out after the statements of Laudelina Peña, the minor’s aunt, who said that María Victoria Caillava and Carlos Pérez ran him over, put him in their truck and threatened to kill her so that she would not say anything.

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