Bulletproof rooms are prepared in the school to protect the students from firing

Alabama: Bulletproof rooms were prepared in a school in the US state of Alabama to protect students from shooting.

According to US media reports, an elementary school in Alabama has introduced two rapidly installed bulletproof rooms to help protect students from a ‘mass shooting’.

Initially, two classrooms of a school in Cullman, Alabama, spent $60,000 to build bulletproof rooms, becoming the first school in the United States to install such rooms.

It’s actually a ballistic wall that can be used as a whiteboard, and when it’s not installed in the shape of a room, it’s attached to the wall as a whiteboard.

In the event of inclement weather or a shooting, it can be retracted in just 10 seconds to transform into a room, with no door handle, to protect students from a shooter entering the small safe room from outside.

It should be noted that several shooting incidents in US educational institutions have worried many countries, including the Americans, after the shooting incident at a high school in Florida in February 2018, such safety measures were heard.

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