Bulldozer crushes more than 100 bikes, video goes viral

New York: A bulldozer crushed more than 100 bikes in the United States, the video of this incident went viral.

According to the details, the mayor of New York City bulldozed more than 100 illegal bikes to make the roads safer.

Mayor Eric Adams recently ordered the city to bulldoze hundreds of illegal and dangerous bikes.

Dirt bikes and ATVs were confiscated and destroyed in an attempt to make the roads in New York safer.

To send a clear message to the owners of illegal vehicles and the citizens who drive them, the mayor of the city tweeted a video of bulldozers crushing dozens of illegal motorcycles.

The mayor tweeted: ‘Do you want to terrorize our neighborhoods? If so, you will be crushed. This video clip has been viewed by over 1.8 million people so far.

The mayor of New York City said about 900 bikes and ATVs were seized during the enforcement campaign, and about 90 percent of them were seized in 2021. He also said that most of them were undocumented bikes and most of them were driven by uninsured drivers.

According to the mayor, these vehicles are often stolen from the surrounding suburbs and are used by ATVs or dirt bike gangs to intimidate locals in the city.

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The mayor said many of these bikers do not have insurance, and if they injure someone with it, the injured person also bears the burden of medical expenses.

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