Bulin 47 evolves as an artist and learns to play his first instrument

Many praise his talent for suddenness and consider him an innate comedian, in addition to the fact that his jocularity is also demonstrated in his songs, just like the one that made him known impromptu 7 years ago, joking in a barbershop with his friends from the neighborhood, “Seven Chicken”. bullin 47 now being one of the most important exponents of dembow, he decided to evolve as an artist.

Recently, during his tour of the United States, Bulin took advantage of a moment between musicians and played the song “Love of my life” by Raulin Rodríguez, who has approved the progress of the dembowsero and shared this last video originally published on the Account of New York-based bachata singer Yammy.

The followers of the interpreter of “Bajo mundo” have followed his learning step by step from the first moment he showed this new interest and that he revealed on his Instagram, on June 1, where he shows himself taking his lessons with the instrument of strings.

Although today users applaud his growth, Bulin managed to achieve his goal by surrounding himself with people who support him in his desire to excel, such as his music producer Breico “En Producidera”, from whom the artist bought an expensive guitar to play. they learned together.

Likewise, on this path towards improvement, Bulin has also been accompanied by Dj Sammy, Dj Adoni and his manager Omlee.

Between one publication and another, Bulin has managed to play creations by Romeo Santos, El Chaval de la Bachata, Zacarias Ferreira, Anthony Santos, Aventura, Yoskar Sarante, among other bachateros.

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