At least 45 people, including 12 children, were burned to death when a passenger bus carrying tourists from the Turkish city of Istanbul over the weekend caught fire in western Bulgaria.

Bulgarian officials say the crash happened about 30 kilometers from Sofia. The bus caught fire when it collided with a roadblock, while seven survivors jumped out of a burning bus and were taken to a hospital in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

The bus was traveling 800 kilometers from Istanbul to the northern Macedonian capital, Skopje, with schoolchildren and their parents on board.

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry has called a bus fire and deaths the biggest accident in the country.

Bulgaria’s interim Deputy Interior Minister Boyko Rishkov said the bodies of all those inside the bus had been burned to ashes. He said after visiting the scene of the accident that the scenes of the bus were horrible. According to Rashkov, he had never seen such a horrible scene in his life.



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